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Scigen Biopharma Pvt Ltd. India (SBP) is a fully integrated biotechnology company involved in developing, manufacturing and marketing of biopharmaceuticals.  Scigen is setting up a state of art bacterial fermentation facility in the first phase with plans to set up a separate dedicated mammilion cell based fermentation facility.  The plant has been fully designed by an international consultant firm, who are mainly focused in Biotech industry and its expected to be commercialised before the end of year 2012.  The facility has a production capacity of 400-500 kg of recombinant bacterial products and up to kilograms of mammalian cell products.

The first product to be manufactured would be rDNA Human Insulin API, where Scigen has complete technology and process development batches have already been manufactured.  In addition to rHuman Insulin, Scigen has access to the following product technology for phase wise launch in the market..

- Analogue Insulin - Human Growth Hormone
- Interferon-alpha 2A
- Interferon-beta
- GCSF and Pegyulated GCSF

When commissioned, the plant would have the capacity to purify 5000 liters of microbial broth right up to 450-500 kg crystals (rHu-Insulin) and would have a cumulative capacity of 600 liters of Cell Culture.

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