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MJ Biopharm Pvt. Ltd. is the flagship company of the MJ Group, formed to facilitate Quality Healthcare through its highly specialized range of pharmaceutical products / formulations in the domestic and export market. The company excels in animal and human rDNA Insulin and other dosage forms such as tablets, capsules, cephalosporin injectables, other injectable ampoules and vials in different specialty segments such as Diabetology, Cardiology, NSAID, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-biotics etc.

Prime among these is the human rDNA Insulin formulation, manufactured in collaboration with Akzo Nobel – the Dutch multi-national giant. MJ Biopharm, along with its London based associate company – Marvel Lifescience, is aiming for a higher stake in the global pharmaceutical market, especially in human rDNA Insulin formulations. The company markets the insulin formulation under brand name “Biosulin”.

MJ Biopharm’s products are registered in over twenty countries and are in the process of registration in more than 60 countries worldwide.

The focus in adopting the BEST business practices is to provide the finest healthcare brands, to enhance business performance and to emerge as a leading / dominant global player in the dynamic and competitive pharmaceutical industry.


Create a world class Pharma organization conforming to international standards in respect of Technology, R & D, Management, Competitiveness and Geography. Operate world wide and achieve a signifcant business stake in the India and overseas market.


Our Mission is to be a quality driven Pharmaceut-ical Company with one of the best manufacturing base in India. Our goal is to be a significant player with Insulin Biopharmaceuticals and other speciality products with a global outreach.

Key Personnel

Mr. Amol J. Shah - Managing Director

Mr. Adam Tomz Polonek - Director

Mr. Dhaval V. Vashi - Director

Mr. Shekhar K. Mandrekar - Director

Mr. Sugata Bhattacharya - Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Hitendra H. Pandit - Vice President (Tech. & Reg. Affairs)

Mr. Milind V. Gokhale - General Manager (HRD)

Mr. Ivan Ghatak - General Manager (Production)

Mr. B. Gaikwad - General Manager (PPIC)

Mr. Rajesh Sawant - General Manager (Q. A.)

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